Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Let me add some pictures and details of my foamies.

First let me introduce the Kavan. This is not a copy of real airplane.
Wing span 100 cm, chord 16 cm, length 57 cm, AUW 309 gr with IPS50 + 8060 propeller and now 355 gr. with EPS150C and 8043 propeller. Battery- 2x1150mA Li-Ion (sorry but till now we don't have supplyer for Li-Pol). Great flyer up to 15 m/s wind. I have no drawings because I am building just by my imagine. Wing- profile with 3mm Depron, body- 3mm depron and some penopoliurethan in the nouse and in the bottom of the body. Covered by sipmle color scotch tape.

Video link withEPS-150C

Video link withEPS-50_1

Video link with EPS-50_2

and short movie with RS280 (not good setup for the mentioned battery) RS280- BEC problems with 1150mA Li-Ion battery

One more flight in high wind conditions

Short movie

To be continued...